The Multiforce Remote Solution centeR OfferS services backed by Splunk experts, Linux & Windows administrators, Networking & Security specialists, Database & analytics experts, all working together TO ensurE A consistent and quality delivery of the architecture, training and ongoing support services for YOUR Splunk operations.


Our services include:

  • Best Practices Review: following Splunk's best practices, review and recommendations for sizing, architecture, configuration and data onboarding.
  • Installation assistance: installation of up to three Splunk components of any type (i.e. a search head, an indexer, and a universal forwarder).
  • Custom reports & dashboards: expert assistance to create meaningful dashboards meeting real business requirements.
  • Custom alerts & notifications: expert configuration and implementation of up to five event-based notifications and proactive alerts designed to provide immediate awareness of the anomalies in your environment.
  • Custom application assistance: expert assistance and oversight for all of your custom Splunk application development needs, including design review, build, troubleshooting and performance tuning.
  • Splunk upgrades, platform migration, system capacity expansion, index clustering, search head clustering, data replication.
  • Archiving, deletion and freeze of data from Splunk.
  • Splunk platform backup and restore, disaster recovery strategies.
  • Assistance with your Big Data, Hadoop and machine learning projects.
  • Assistance with your transition from traditional databases and BI to Splunk reporting and analytics.
Splunk Remote Services


contact us to see how We ensure the internal management of each customer project, which guarantees a regular monitoring from our splunk experts on the milestones achieved and upcoming tasks of your project.